I Don't Remember Putting That There

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White border, No frame

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My stuff has a bad habit of taking a walk.


This art print is sold exclusively at Wallbaby and is printed especially for you with water-based ink on premium 180gsm matt paper, so it’ll always look as good as the day you met.

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21 x 30 cm

Banana for scale. Banana approximated 15 x 13 cm (medium).


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This poster depicts a yellow and brown cowboy boot made from leather. The boot is lying on the ground, a patch of gravel and fallen, withered, brown leaves. It is lying in the sun, next to a large shadow from a tree. Hidden behind a stone bench, the cowboy boot looks oddly misplaced. It is an unusual object to find alone in a park, a piece of clothing belonging in a western movie. This piece of wall-art is an illustration of the odd things in life, the beauty in the weirdness one might stumble upon. A picture that captures the essence of what it is like to live in this world, a place where the unexpected is to be expected.

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