Bedroom Wall Art: Above Bed Collection

Can’t sleep because you’re thinking of what bedroom wall art to choose? Close your eyes and invite Sandman. We are here to help you with your bedroom wall prints! 

Bedroom Wall Prints
Looking for posters for your bedroom? Wallbaby is here to guide you through the Bedroom Wall Art: Above Bed Collection. Today you can transform your bedroom into whatever you want, and let that affect your dreams. You’re the dreamer, you choose. Say Hej då to empty bedroom walls. Say Hej to new dreamy bedroom posters.

Give your walls some stylish modern furnitures with this poster ‘Colourful Living 01’ by Frauke Schyroki

Hang this poster above your bed and let it become a part of your dreams: Poster ‘Sleep-Dream-Die’ by Boe Marion

Choose a Poster in the Above Bed Collection
Decorating your bedroom with posters is like decorating your dreams: It’s not only a choice of art. You actually choose the last view you see before you fall asleep. We’re no dream scientists, but our guess is that these pictures in some way will influence your dreams. 

The first step is to establish the different categories of dreamers out there. The second step is to find out which one of these categories you belong to.

The Brooder
Feeling moody? Join the club. This is the home of all our deep and artsy Wallbabys! Pick one of these and your dreams will sound like a 19th century poem. Place one of these posters above your bed and transform into Emily Dickinson every night.

Dream away to the romantic streets of France every night with this captivating poster in your bedroom. Poster ‘In June' by Carin Olsson

Are you looking for a touch of mystery, class, and character? Then this one is for you! Poster ‘Do Not Disturb’ by Delfina Carmona

The Nature Lover
Welcome to tree-hugger heaven! Here you have all the beautiful sceneries, dreamy nature prints and colorful travel shots you’ll ever need. Sleep surrounded by nature, and you’ll wake up calm as a cabin deep down in the woods. 

Let this lovely flower bouquet keep you company! Poster ‘Poppies Popping’ by Tj McGrath

Who needs a window when you can frame this view and hang it on your wall? Poster ‘Palm Springs Cacti Garden’ by Hanna KL

The Lovesick
Are you sitting down? Good, because these posters have a tendency to sweep people off their feet. Decorate your bedroom with love stories, and you will never ever have a nightmare again.

How about this love session for your bedroom walls?
Poster ‘Entangled’ by Sara Bille

Who doesn't want to wake up to this view? Paris, the City of Love. Poster ‘Paris’ by Carin Olsson

Frame Your Bedroom Wall Prints
Now that you’ve chosen your category and your poster, the time has come for decorating. Since this is the Bedroom Wall Art: Above Bed Collection, decoration is easy peasy lemon squeezy:

  1. Frame your bedroom wall art

  2. Place your bedroom wall art above bed

  3. Start dreaming

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