Graceful Meltdown

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Don’t we all long for the inevitable methamorphosis?


This art print is sold exclusively at Wallbaby and is printed especially for you with water-based ink on premium 180gsm matt paper, so it’ll always look as good as the day you met.

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21 x 30 cm

Banana for scale. Banana approximated 15 x 13 cm (medium).


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This poster is an image of a melting ice cube. Photographed on a gray surface, the cube is floating out, going from firm in its consistency to liquid form. The stages of water are three, solid as ice, liquid as water, gas as steam. This piece of wall-art captures the metamorphosis, the change from one stage to another. Like a butterfly in its cocoon, the ice is turning into liquid. This poster is a thinking piece, an artwork reflecting change in a new way. It is basic in shape and form, still it tells a story in its simple way. As part of the home décor, this artistic poster will bring thoughts of change into the home and serve as a reminder of how fleeting life is.

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