Fall in the Marsh

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Was that an earthquake just now? Either that or this poster just rocked our entire world.


This art print is sold exclusively at Wallbaby and is printed especially for you with water-based ink on premium 180gsm matt paper, so it’ll always look as good as the day you met.

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21 x 30 cm

Banana for scale. Banana approximated 15 x 13 cm (medium).


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Black and white poster of a woman and a tree

This peaceful photography poster will bring peace into your livingroom, Zen into your bedroom, or mindfulness into your kitchen. The print is in black and white and depicts a woman leaning against the trunk of a dead tree. It is a climate friendly art poster with themes of nature, life, humanity, and solitude – a minimalistic piece of wall art that speaks a thousand words, draws you in and leaves you deep into thought. It is that “less is more” feeling you have been looking for!

The woman and the tree are standing in a beautiful landscape; she is dressed in a flowing white outfit and her long curly har is falling down her back. They are in the center of the photograph and behind them you can see rocks, some bushes, and the ocean in the far distance. She is looking up towards the branches above her, there are no leaves – the tree must be dead. The barren landscape gives a naked and minimalist impression. The pristine white dress is glowing against the rugged background. The tree and the woman are completely alone. It is almost like they are taking comfort in their shared solitude.

This art poster invokes a feeling of calm and reminds us about the balance of nature and life. It’s perfect for those looking to add a touch of meaningful, sleek, and edgy wall art to their interior design. Black and white photography famously goes with everything, so you don’t have to wonder if it will match your home decor. Order it online and get it framed at our poster webshop. We have hundreds of photography prints and trendy posters to decorate your walls with – this is just the tip of the iceberg! Find more black and white climate friendly photography posters to fall in love with at Wallbaby.com.

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