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Anna Furbacken

Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Anna Furbacken and I’m from Gothenburg in Sweden where I live with my partner Tobias and two kids, Lill & Axel. I’m working as a freelance stylist in advertising, fashion and interior design. I love the variation. My favorite season is spring and my biggest hobby right now is our cottage in the country in central Sweden.

What’s going on in your life now, what’s your next project?
We have just moved to a new apartment and are trying to settle down while renovating in our cottage (it’s a never ending story…). At the same time I have some interior projects and campaigns going on. Also I have a very exciting project together with my friend Elin Lannsjö. Our brand BY is releasing a furniture collection for Pastill Studio this fall.

"After a coffee they changed their mind and wanted to sell to us instead, it was meant to be."

Did you always know you wanted to work as a stylist or what was your dream when growing up?
Interior design has always been an interest of mine, but when I was little I wanted to work as a teacher or in healthcare. Working with people is still something I really love and being able to combine interior design and meeting new people in different projects is a dream!

Where do you find your inspiration? Is there someone particular you really look up to?
There’s no specific source, I can be inspired by things I see, people, my friends, travels etc… And I often find inspiration from the fashion industry, it could be a color combination or different materials.

We are in love with your amazing “torp”! Tell us everything!
It was an impulse buying, haha! We had loosely talked about how it would be nice to have a cottage, but never talked about where or when. We were just looking at Swedish housing market for fun one day and fell in love! Lost the bidding war but contacted the owners and after a coffee they changed their mind and wanted to sell to us instead, it was meant to be. We have always project going on but sometimes just need to find inner peace in nature by enjoying the outdoors. 

Your one and only interior piece that really set your heart on fire?
Our lounge chair by Jan Ekselius.
Etcetera. Love it.

If you could have one person over for dinner, dead or alive who would it be?
Someone that I adore. Prince…or Beyonce! Both and at the same time would be a dream!

Best advice to make your home cozy to make it through the dark Swedish winter?
Candles! Everywhere. I think I buy candles every week.

Best advice for brining home and hanging your “soulposter”?
Trust your gut, choose art based on the colors that matches your home. But it could also be the other way around, maybe your home needs a splash of colors. I never look for specific art, I always go by the tonality in the colors. I hang my soulposters where the wall needs a little more love, an empty surface, about a sideboard, drawer or maybe on a wall where you can see the art clearly, where it will pop!

When was the last time you feel like you totally nailed it, decoration wise?
Oh, I think I nail it every time but then I still redoing it the next day, so here nothing is ever permanent. Constantly changing.

If you’d put a soundtrack on your home, what would it be?
It would be “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson. We change things constantly at home, like hundred times a year haha. 

Best feeling you ever hand over a new art piece?
It’s an old painting I inherited from my grandmother and grandfather. You know that art you remember from your childhood, that gives you a feeling of home and so much memories and love. 

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