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Galina Lugonja

Hello Galina! How’s the summer treating you so far?
This summer has treated me with bouquets of wild flowers, cold dips in our forest river and 64 slices watermelon. I am in very good summer arms!

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am as introverted as extroverted, It depends on who I am with and the surroundings we’re in. Regulating my nervous system everyday is my new sport. Nature, deep breaths, yoga and walks are good friends. Simple beautiful things make me happy and deep vulnerable conversations sparks the joy of human connection. I like to study extremities and all perspectives to find my own balance. Trying to stay away from dogmas and live by intuition and trust instead. I am a new mother, and this role is ever-expanding my heart. Also, I like to draw.

Describe a typical day in your life! 
Not sleeping through the night, wake up by happy baby, sleeping baby, art, walk in forest, crying baby, how do I get myself through this day, coffee, play, baby food, I’m tired I give up, breastfeed, looking through a second hand art book, inspired, art, kiss baby, talks and hugs with Esben, bottle feed, a little garden work, tired baby, singing for baby, baby sleeps, art, I sleep… or at least for 3 hours.

When do you feel the most creative?
Spontaneously throughout the day. Creative energy suddenly flushes in, and if there’s a marker nearby I open the portal and jump in. 

What's the one interior piece you would save if your house was on fire?
Probably our Sun wall figure which has a kind of strict facial expression that looks me in my eyes and tells me to get it together - it has lovely red beams as well! Oh if I make it to get another item, then our Chinese porcelain plant pot with a cow painted on it and the words moo moo moo. All lovely second hand treasury.

"I am a new mother, and this role is ever-expanding my heart. Also, I like to draw."

What's your biggest source of inspiration, do you have a role model?
I find inspiration in ancient wisdom, old books filled with beautiful illustrations, cosmos, yin and yang, femininity and beautiful original interior. Not role models per se, but I do love the work of Ferdinand Finne and Henry Matisse. 

What’s your go-to gift to bring to a house warming party? 
A bottle of good wine.

What are you doing in ten years? 
Sitting around the bonfire with my 4 kids I’ll have then and my husband and feeling pure love. I’ll be spending my days cooking nourishing food, creating art and flowing through the woods. Also I built that big beautiful tree house that I see in my minds eye.

What's your best place on earth? 
In the forest at the river.

I love when people… 
Open their hearts, hold space for nuances and do the shadow work.

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