Stand By Me, But Make It Fashion

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White border, No frame

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You know, friends out on an adventure.


This art print is sold exclusively at Wallbaby and is printed especially for you with water-based ink on premium 180gsm matt paper, so it’ll always look as good as the day you met.

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21 x 30 cm

Banana for scale. Banana approximated 15 x 13 cm (medium).


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Poster of sisters holding hands

This poster is an homage to sisterhood. A printed photo of two women holding hands, walking together in an empty field. This image tells the story of friendship between to women, a bond that can only spring to life when to girls get to getter. Sharing their secrets, entrusting in each other. It is a story of love between friends, a history of sleepovers and nights spent on the couch in the living room drinking wine. It is a story of cooking dinner in the kitchen and dancing all night long.

The poster is a printed photograph in black and white. It depicts two women holding hands and walking together on an empty field. Both women are blond, one has a bow in her hair and the other one is wearing a scarf. They are both dressed in black dresses with puffy sleeves and a lot of fabric. The women have their backs to the camera and between them the large field is expanding. Far of in the distance trees and a forest is visible. The two women are holding hands, crossing the empty space as one.

This poster and the story it tell is a reminder of the importance of friendships. It is an homage to the sisterhood and the beauty of love between two best friends. It is the perfect image to put in the living room, not only because it is easy to match with its black and white content, but pecause it is a statement piece that will bring warmth into your home. Put it on the bedside table of the bedroom and wake up every day watching this picture, reminding you of the friends and all the love that can be found in this beautiful world.

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