Our story

He was in the shower; he usually showers for a very long time. She sat on the floor with her phone, just a month until her graduation in photography. She said, hey, listen to this work ad – creative photographer on remote. Travel around the world taking photographs for a poster webshop.

He turned the shower off.

He said, you shouldn’t take that job. I’ve been dreaming of creating a poster webshop since 2015. Let’s start a company together instead.

They fell in love just before the coronavirus hit the world.
They had their first date at Tiki Room, a Polynesian cocktail bar in Stockholm.
They share the love for photography.
They want people to buy funnier art.
They returned to Tiki Room when the work began.
He steps on the gas.
She takes no shortcuts.
He said, we can have the webshop live in a month.
She said, we need more time to create a top-drawer company.
They spent hours and hours finding the most sustainable printing and framing solutions.
They haven’t cooked since they started working with the company:
Pizza, burger and the creamy truffle pasta at the local restaurant Capri Due.
They say f*ck functional.
They share the antipathy to fast fashion.

They say art shouldn’t be a decoration detail that matches your curtains.
Art should be something that refurbish your insides forever.

This is the story about the corona love couple and their Wallbaby.

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